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Your room or suite is your home base, your meeting place, your game room, your study hall—and most importantly, your home away from home.
  • Sansbury Hall

    Sansbury Hall is our oldest residence hall, boasting lots of character and tradition. Also located in Sansbury Hall are Christ the King Chapel and many faculty offices. Sophomores through seniors live together in this co-ed environment. Single rooms – many include personal sinks – are a draw. Sansbury Hall was renovated in the summer of 2019 with new flooring, heating/air conditioning units and other fixtures. 

    • Upperclassmen only
    • Houses approximately 70 students
    • Co-ed by wing
    • Single rooms with sinks
    • Community bathrooms
    • Resident Assistant on each wing
    • Rooms are approx. 12.8 feet x 9.6 feet
    • Cable out in each bedroom 
  • Siena Hall

    General residents, as well as students participating in the Honors Program Living-Learning Community live in two and four-person suites in Siena Hall. The hall provides a quiet study environment and strong community bonds for students. Lounge areas provide extra study space.       

    • Accommodates approx. 60 students
    • Co-ed by suite
    • Suites feature two bedrooms, common room and bathroom
    • Each suite features four of the following: beds, desks with chairs, dressers and wardrobes
    • Other furniture includes a couch, a bookshelf, two common-room chairs and a coffee table.
    • Bedrooms measures approx. 15'6" x 10'5"
    • Common room measures approx. 13'7" x 10'2"


  • Aquinas Hall

    Our northern-most residence hall, Aquinas Hall, is also the largest one. Students enjoy four-person suites of two sleeping rooms, a common room and a bathroom.

    • Accommodates 280 students
    • Co-ed by suite
    • Adoration chapel, computer lab and dedicated 24-hour study space
    • Suites feature two double bedrooms, common room and bathroom
    • Each suite features four of the following: beds, desks with chairs, dressers and wardrobes
    • Other furniture includes a couch, a bookshelf, two common-room chairs and a coffee table.
    • Bedroom measures approx. 15'6" x 10'5"
    • Common room measures approx. 13'7" x 10'2"
    • Cable provided in each common room
  • Lynam Hall

    Lynam Hall houses juniors and seniors and is the most recently added residence hall. Lynam Hall provides independent living in private rooms within suites. The building also has 2 study rooms, a computer lab and a large, open lounge.

    • Holds approximately 81 students
    • One Resident Assistant on each floor
    • Co-ed by suite
    • Four "Super Singles" bedrooms (10' x 16') in one suite
    • Two bathrooms in each suite
    • One common room in each suite
    • Cable outlet in each common room  

Helpful Info

  • Your Room

    While sizes and dimensions vary for corner rooms, hall locations and triple rooms, each student is provided with a:

    • Twin bed
    • Standard twin mattress
    • Dresser
    • Wardrobe/closet
    • Desk and chair
    • Mirror

    In addition, all rooms include:

    • Ethernet port
    • Air conditioning
    • Wi-Fi 
  • What to Bring with You

    You may want to bring some comforts from home, such as:

    • Twin bedding and pillows
    • Towels, shower tote, shower shoes and toiletries
    • Desk or floor lamps
    • Microwave
    • TV and DVD player
    • Laptop or desktop computer
    • Alarm clock
    • Small refrigerator (4.3 cubic feet maximum)
    • Stackable crates/additional storage
    • Message board, cork board
    • Iron, laundry basket or bag, and detergent
    • Dishes & utensils
    • Photos, posters, stuffed animals, yearbooks
    • Waste basket
  • What to Leave at Home

    Due to the high risk of fire, damage and injury, the following items are prohibited:

    • Coffee makers and pots with heating elements
    • Hot plates, broilers and electric skillets
    • Toaster ovens and toasters
    • Pressure Cookers/Air Fryers
    • Foreman-type grills
    • Space heaters
    • Immersion heaters
    • Sun lamps
    • Air conditioners (except what is provided by ODU)
    • Candles, incense and oil lamps
    • Halogen lamps
    • Waterbeds and any other large receptacles holding water
    • Fire-arms and other weapons
    • Pets


  • Mailboxes and Packages
    All resident students should have their mail addressed to them using the following example: 

    Student Name
    Ohio Dominican University
    1216 Sunbury Road
    Columbus, OH 43219  

    Mail is delivered Monday - Friday to the mail center. When a piece of mail or package is received in the Mail Center, students will receive an email to their ODU email account instructing them where and when the item may be picked up.
  • Important Phone Numbers
    As you prepare to move to campus, here are several phone numbers to assist you in making the transition to campus life.         

    Office of Residence Life (614) 251-4718
    Public Safety (24 hrs. /day)  (614) 251-4700
    Wellness Center  (614) 251-4570
    Dean of Students  (614) 251-4595  
    Campus Ministry   (614) 251-4567 
    Business Office  (614) 251-4550 
    Financial Aid Office  (614) 251-4778 
    Student Information Hotline   (614) 251-4590 
    Center for Student Involvement  (614) 251-4726  
    Counseling Services  (614) 251-4570
    IT Helpdesk  (614) 251-3633
    Bookstore  (614) 251-4545 
  • Reminders
    Please make note of the following reminders
    • It is recommended that you purchase college property insurance for the contents of your room that has a low deductible and covers both accidental damage of items as well as theft or loss. Brochures will be available at move-in if you do not have a current insurance company you work with.
    • Do not put tacks or nails in the walls or doors. 
    • Furniture that is issued to your room may not be removed or stored.
    • No pets of any type are permitted in the residence halls.
    • Fire safety is always a concern. Please make sure your electrical items are UL approved and safe. Do not overload outlets or power strips. Tampering with or removing fire safety equipment will result in significant fines.
    • All smoking and vaping and other use of tobacco is strictly prohibited on campus.
    • All students must produce their ODU ID when requested by a staff member. 
    • All overnight guests must be registered with the Residence Life Office. Guest who are parking on campus must register with Public Safety.
    • Students who violate the ODU drug policy will be removed from housing
    • Additional information on all of our Residence Life Policies can be found in ODU Student Handbook
Fitzpatrick double closets
Closet space in Fitzpatrick.
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