Contract Releases Policies

Please see below for policies and procedures regarding housing contract release requests.


  • Complete the Contract Breakage Request Form in its entirety. An incomplete request will delay a response. 
  • Return the form either through email, mail or in person to the Office of Residence Life, 145 Erskine, 1216 Sunbury Road, Columbus, OH 43219. 
  • You must include documentation with this request. Failure to present this documentation will result in a delay in the review of your request. Present your documentation in a clean, concise, orderly, and logical fashion. Be specific. It is imperative that your documentation be thorough. 
  • Your petition will be reviewed by members of the Contract Release Committee and you will receive email notification with 10 business days. In some cases where we require additional information, the decision will be postponed pending the receipt of further documentation. 
  • Student should not make financial commitments for alternate housing arrangements until the decision of the Office of Residence Life has been conveyed in writing. This will avoid financial problems for the student. 
  • If your request for release is approved, you will need to make an appointment with your Resident Assistant to check out of your room. This includes completion of the Room Condition Form and returning your key(s). If the check out procedures are not followed, an improper check out fine, along with any other damage charges, will be charged to your student account.


  • The Student Housing and Board Contract is binding for the entire length of time to which you agreed. Release from your contractual responsibilities to the University must be authorized by the Office of Residence Life. 
  • All requests for release from this Contract must be submitted on a Contract Breakage Request Form provided by the Office of Residence Life. The Director of Residence Life and the Contract Release Committee will consider requests for release based on (a) a significant change in finances, (b) severe illness or hospitalization, or (c) leave of absence, transfer, or withdrawal from the University. In most cases, requests submitted during the final four weeks of the semester will not be considered for that semester. Once documentation is complete, Resident will be informed of the result of his or her request in approximately 10 business days via email.
  • For requests based on medical reasons, the documentation provided should detail the length of treatment, causes of medical problems, and number of times you have been seen by a physician for these problems. In addition, the resident may be asked to sign a medical release form so the Director of Residence Life or designee may speak with the medical professional about specific details. 
  • Until notification is given that your Housing Contract Release has been approved, you will be held responsible for the entire term of the Contract. The act of vacating your room does not constitute a release from your contractual obligations.