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College is one of the most important investments a family can make. We believe an education from Ohio Dominican is worth that investment.
The cost of tuition, room and board (if applicable), and fees at Ohio Dominican ensure our ability to provide exceptional academic programs, attract outstanding faculty, and deliver quality services to our student body and alumni.

2021-2022 Academic Year

  • Tuition & Fees
    Full-Time Tuition
    $16,390 per semester
    Part-Time Tuition (less than 12 hours)
    Traditional Summer Rate 
    $900 per credit hour
    $375 per credit hour
    Course Overload $700 per credit hour
    Audit Fee $300 per course
    Teacher Licensure Rate $430 per credit hour
    Activity fee (full-time students)  $300 per semester
    Technology fee (part-time students)  $175 per semester
    Technology fee (summer term) $25   per credit hour 
    Orientation fee $200
    Project Management Boot Camp Fee(non credit bearing)

    $1,300 per course        

  • Room & Board Rates
    Room Selection
    Cost Per Semester
    Sansbury Double $2,730
    Sansbury Single Small $3,175
    Aquinas/Siena 4 Person Suite Double $3,150
    Sansbury Single Large $3,350
    Lynam 4 Person Suite- Single
    Aquinas/Lynam Private Bed and Bath

    Board Selection  Cost Per Semester
    220 Block Plan + 300 points  $2,575
    320 Block Plan + 300 points  $2,720
    280 Block Plan + 500 points  $2,720
    Jr. & Sr. Meal Plan
    7 meals per week with 300 Panther Points
    Summer & May Term Rates Cost
    Summer Room Rate $100 per week
    Summer Board Rate $26, optional purchase 

    Note: Room rates include laundry fee of $23 per semester
  • Dining Dollars

    Dining Dollars is an account from which anyone can purchase meals from Hamilton Hall or purchase meals or food items from the Panther Deli or Panther Grille.

    This service is replacing the former Commuter Meal Points and is available to anyone wishing to have the convenience of allotting a lump sum for the purchase of meals and refreshments on campus. 

    Purchased Amount Additional Purchasing Dollars*
    $50 - $100 5% of amount purchased, e.g. if you spend $60, you receive $63 in Dining Dollars 
    $101 - 200  7% of amount purchased 
    $201 - $300 10% of amount purchased 
    $301 - above 15% of amount purchased 
    You can purchase your Dining Dollars through the Sodexo Dining Services’ webpage.

    View Info & FAQs

    Purchase Dining Dollars
  • Miscellaneous Fees
    CLEP Credit Fee $20 per credit hour
    Transient Credit Fee $20 per credit hour
    Returned Check Fee $35
    Late Registration Fee $105
    ID Card Replacement Fee $20 per ID
    Transcript Fee $4 - $12
    Study Abroad Participation   $100 per program

  • Parking Permit Costs
    Full Academic Year $0
    Fall or Spring Only $0
    Summer Only $0
    Order Parking Permit

  • Cost of Education Budgets

    To help you understand the actual cost of the ODU experience, here are three common student budget types for Ohio Dominican.

    • Resident students have a specific budget regardless of whether they are dependent or independent. 
    • Dependent commuters
    • Independent commuters 

    These budgets are for the 2021-2022 academic year and are based on full-time enrollment.

    ResidentDependent CommuterIndependent Commuter
    Tuition & Fees$33,380$33,380$33,380
    Room & Board$11,450$4,020$6,390
    Books & Supplies$1,080$1,080$1,080
    Misc. Expenses$1,510$1,510$2,618
    Loan Fees$74$74$74

Net Price Calculators

Our Net Price Calculators are tools to give prospective students and parents an estimate of the average aid awarded for attendance at Ohio Dominican University for the current award year, based on your self-reported academic and family income information.

This estimate can help families plan ahead in their college financing preparations.