Remote Access to Library Resources

You can access many library resources online practically anywhere. To log in to our ebooks, ejournals, or databases from off-campus or using your personal computer, laptop, or other device, you'll just need the following: (1) your ODU email and (2) your ODU password.  



Troubleshooting Tips for Remote Access

If you have trouble logging in from off-campus or from your personal device, try the tips below, or contact Circulation Services by email or at (614) 251-4752. Or ask a librarian for help—we'd be happy to assist you.

If you receive an error when logging in:

  1. Make sure you're logging in with your ODU email account information: your full ODU email & your ODU password. 

  2. You must be currently registered for classes.

  3. Your Library Account must be in working order--not suspended for exceeding $60.00 in fines/fees

  4. If you are using a keyboard, make sure the numbers lock (Num Lock) is not on.

Still need help? Please refer to the rest of our tips on this page.

If you have already made sure you are not making any of the 4 most common mistakes when logging in and you are still having trouble with off-campus access, here are a few additional recommendations.

  1. Make sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser; the library's ebooks, ejournals, and databases work best with this browser.
  2. If you are attempting to access from a computer where you work, try accessing from home if you have your own personal computer, or ask your IT professionals on site about online security. Some workplaces have security firewalls in place that will not allow library login. If it is a security firewall that is blocking your login attempts, you will not be able to access the library's resources there.

  3. If you are using Google Chrome and our Off-Campus Access page and still can't get in, the next step is to clear your cookies and cache and delete your browsing history To delete your browsing history (also the same place for cookies), go to the menu option in the upper right corner of your laptop, choose "More tools," then "History." The links provided here will then help you with the rest of the steps. (Note: When you clear your caches and cookies, some of your saved settings on sites can get deleted, such as user names and passwords.)

    Then restart your computer.

    If the issue is still not resolved, please contact us and let us know you have tried the steps on this web page, and we will investigate further into your situation to help you get the access you need.

  4. You can also try this alternative: go to the OhioLINK web site for Research Databases and log in there. Use our guide to log in.