Dear Alderson Broaddus Students,

First and foremost, I want you to know that all of us at Ohio Dominican University are praying for you as you process the news shared recently about the impending closure of your beloved university at the end of this calendar year following the HEPC’s decision to not reauthorize the institution. I have sincere empathy for the entire AB community during this difficult time, especially those who are now looking for a new college home to continue your education and pursue your professional goals.

As you consider your next steps, I want you to know that you are welcome at Ohio Dominican University. Located in Columbus, ODU’s campus is just 3.5 hours from Philippi, and ODU happens to offer many of the same undergraduate and graduate programs that were available at AB. I have been in close contact with our transfer admission team, and they have committed to doing everything possible to ensure any interested AB students have access to expedited transfer credit evaluations, application decisions, and other financial, academic or campus resources necessary for a smooth transfer. We are fully committed to making the transfer process as seamless as possible to ensure your studies do not experience any further disruption.

If you are interested in learning more about joining the ODU community, please visit I also encourage you to reach out directly to our transfer admission counselors Jon Neeley (, 614-251-4610) or Ginny Schminke-Yaussy (, or 614-251-4502).

Again, we are committed to doing everything possible to support you and your educational needs at this time – and for the duration of your collegiate studies.


Connie Gallaher


Ohio Dominican University