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ODU's Cross-Disciplinary Studies major enables students to design a program of study that meets their individual needs better than a traditional academic major.

Program Highlights

  • Designed for transfer students who come to ODU with large amounts of previous credit.
  • Work with a counselor to create a tailored degree plan that fits your individual  needs.
  • Select two approved concentrations of study that maximize previously earned credits.

Contact an admissions counselor to see if you qualify for a Cross-Disciplinary Studies degree. 

Phone: 614-251-4500
Email: adult@ohiodominican.edu

Outcomes & Careers

ODU's Cross-Disciplinary Degree is a great foundation for just about any career or graduate and professional school. Its self-designed structure allows you to take charge of your own learning that will contribute to your educational and professional goals.

The fields of medicine and health care, education, law, marketing, and social services are ideal for students who have a strong liberal arts foundation and cross-disciplinary degree.