Bachelor of Science in Education in Intervention Specialist

Outcomes & Careers

ODU's Intervention Specialist Program prepares teacher education students for a state teaching license for grades kindergarten to 12. Graduates may also choose to pursue their Master of Education degree  at Ohio Dominican.

Upon graduation, students are prepared to teach in K-12 schools in both Mild to Moderate (MM) and/or Moderate to Intensive (MI) programs.

Students who take advantage of ODU’s dual major option will be more marketable for employment because they can teach in the MM and MI, and/or early childhood, and/or middle childhood programs.

Graduates are prepared to teach in most states in the United States because of the requirement to take the Praxis II and Praxis II PLT tests, and National Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA).

Graduates of ODU’s Intervention Specialist Education program are able to:
  • Understand the content area for which they have instructional responsibility, including the state and national academic content standards.
  • Integrate technology into the teaching/learning process.
  • Use varied assessments to inform instruction and learning.
  • Believe that all students can learn.
  • Value regular reflection on teaching and learning.
Graduates of can pursue careers as:
  • Teachers in public, private and charter schools throughout the state of Ohio and across the country.
  • Providers of in-home and adult services. 
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