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The curriculum for the Master of Business Administration at Ohio Dominican covers a range of business, finance, leadership and ethics topics. 

Master in Business Administration

  • Graduation Requirements
    • Students must complete all required courses (36 - 40 semester hours depending upon the need for the foundation courses).
    • Students must have a 3.000 or higher grade point average.
    • Students must complete their program within seven (7) years.
    • Students must complete an Application for Graduation according to the dates published in the Academic Calendar. (Application forms are available through ODU Online.)
    • Students must make satisfactory payment of all tuition, graduation fee, library fines and other financial obligations.
  • Foundation Knowledge Requirements
    Foundation knowledge in four content areas - accounting, finance, statistics, and economics - is required for the Master of Business Administration program. 

    Students who can demonstrate foundation knowledge through completion of courses in each area do not need to take the foundation course sequence. Students who cannot demonstrate completion of foundation courses in each area as determined by the Program Director must earn a B or better in each foundation course prior to enrolling in more than 9 credit hours in the program.

    These students will be automatically enrolled during their first 16 weeks at ODU in the required foundation courses in addition to MBA 510, the first course of the program.

    Failure to successfully complete the necessary foundation courses and MBA 510 will prevent students from continuing in the MBA program.

    Foundation Knowledge Courses
    (taken in first 16 weeks)
    MBA 502 Survey of Business Statistics  1
    MBA 503 Survey of Economics  1
    MBA 504 Survey of Accounting    1
    MBA 505 Survey of Finance  1
  • Course Requirements
    The degree program consists of 36 credit hour including core courses and an optional concentration. Foundational knowledge courses may also be required.
    Required Core Courses  Credits
    MBA 510 Management Skills Portfolio 
    MBA 540 Management of Information Systems   3
    MBA 550 Global Business Enterprise & Trade Issues 
    MBA 570 Quantitative Business Analysis  3
    MBA 620 Marketing Management 
    MBA 630 Accounting for Managers
    MBA 640 Managerial Economics
    MBA 650 Managerial Finance
    MBA 660 Ethics & Social Responsibility 
    MBA 690 MBA Capstone Learning Experience
    Select one concentration or 6 additional credits (see next drop down for concentrations)   6
    Total Credits Required 36 
  • MBA Concentrations

    Tailor your MBA to match your professional goals with one of seven high-demand concentrations including Healthcare Administration, Data Analytics, Risk Management, Finance, Accounting, Leadership, and Sport Management.

    View MBA Concentrations

    You can pursue a general MBA without selecting a concentration; instead, you will take any two additional courses (6 credit hours).