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Students in Ohio Dominican University’s Master of Business Administration program develop skills and competencies for middle- and senior-level leadership roles in a variety of organizations.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able to demonstrate ability to:
  • lead efforts to develop & implement ethical, creative, comprehensive solutions to complex organizational challenges;
  • lead strategically and ethically in the face of environments characterized by change, uncertainty & complexity; 
  • analyze the critical partnerships between information technology & the user community to assure automation, organizational learning & strategic advantage;
  • apply business models & analytical tools to decision making; 
  • analyze the impacts of changes in the economic & global business environments on decision making;
  • apply analytics to financial decision making; and
  • analyze financial & accounting information, while recognizing its value, uses & limitations.  

John Kelley, '05

John Kelley, MBA '05, Chief People Officer and VP of Human Resources at White Castle System, Inc., shares why he chose to earn his MBA from Ohio Dominican University.