Master of Arts in English

Course Requirements

The Master of Arts in English program at Ohio Dominican University is designed to offer students an opportunity to study a range of literary figures, periods, genres, and critical approaches at the graduate level.

The degree program consists of 33 credit hours. Students have the option of completing a Thesis or a Capstone Project, dependent on their academic goals for the program. All students take a foundational course, Graduate Writing and Research, which is a prerequisite for the other courses. 

Students choosing the Thesis option will complete two semesters (6 credit hours) of research credit. Other students will complete an additional course, World Literature, and the Capstone Project course.

  • Students must complete all required courses with a grade point average of 3.000 or higher.
  • Students must complete their program within seven (7) years of acceptance.
  • Students must successfully complete at least thirty-three semester hours of graduate credit, including either a thesis or comprehensive examination.
  • Students must complete an Application for Graduation according to the dates published in the Academic Calendar. (Application forms are available through ODU Online.)
  • Students must make satisfactory payment of all tuition, graduation fee, library fines, and other financial obligations.

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