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ODU's pre-professional programs are designed for students who plan to enter professional schools after graduation.
"Pre-med" and "pre-law" are not majors at ODU. Rather, they are areas of academic interest that provide students with a specialized curriculum to prepare them for graduate and professional study. 

Ohio Dominican professors and staff work with students to develop a specialized academic advising structure and establish an appropriate undergraduate degree curriculum.

In addition to standard coursework, students may collaborate with their advisor to create an independent study program, which will allow them to explore a particular topic or project in their chosen discipline.
  • Pre-Health Professional Programs

    Suggested Majors for Pre-Health Professionals

    For students interested in health professions such as medicine, dentistry or pharmacy, there isn't one "right" major required by professional schools.

    Since a degree in science in a popular choice for pre-med, pre-health services, pre-dentistry, etc., ODU's curriculum prepares students for professional school experience and fulfills course requirements for entry into most schools. This coursework also prepares students for the respective admissions tests, including the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).


    Students wishing to enter medical school with the goal of becoming a physician, osteopath, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist or veterinarian are advised to major in either Biology or Chemistry and minor in the other. 


    Students planning on a career in pharmacy are best served by majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Biology.


    Ohio Dominican’s pre-nursing programs are designed to prepare students for entry into nursing programs at either Mount Carmel College of Nursing or Xavier University College of Nursing. 
  • Pre-Law Program

    Ohio Dominican University specifically recognizes Political Science and Philosophy, both with Pre-Law Concentrations, as pre-law majors.

    However, Ohio Dominican’s strong liberal arts curriculum makes it an ideal university for pre-law studies because the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a classic liberal arts exam. 

K.C. Warden, D.D.S., '08

ODU alumnus K.C. Warden, D.D.S., discusses how his ODU education helped him pursue and achieve his goal of becoming a dentist, and how ODU helped him connect his passion with his purpose.