These are the current course descriptions including any pre- and co-requisites.
SCI 102 -  Principles of Physics & Chemistry
3 Credits

A course designed for non-science majors that focuses on the fundamental topics within chemistry and classical Newtonian physics and how they affect a variety of environmental issues, including air quality, global climate change, energy consumption, development and use of alternative energy sources, water quality, and use of polymeric recyclable materials.

Prerequisite: MTH 102 or equivalent placement. Not open to students with credit for CHM 102 and PHY 102.

SCI 479 - CORE: Research in the Sciences
3 Credits

This seminar will offer a capstone experience in the student’s own discipline within mathematics, computer and natural sciences as well as a capstone experience in the core curriculum. As a culminating experience in the discipline, this course will require each student to engage in a discipline-specific project under the supervision of a faculty adviser within the student’s own discipline. In addition, students will be asked to ponder and discuss topics relevant to all scientific endeavors. Such topics include, but are not limited to, the scientific method, nature of proof, and research ethics.

As a capstone for the core curriculum, this seminar will provide a setting for students to read and discuss texts which raise questions related to human nature, common good, justice, ethics, scientific expertise, and search for knowledge, in the contexts of scientific research and technological development. Interdisciplinary communication will be emphasized throughout the course.

Prerequisite: Completion of junior core seminar. This course does not fulfill the Natural Science requirement.
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