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Ohio Dominican University has partnered with the Diocese of Columbus to create the Columbus Catholic Promise Program. The program will provide eligible students who graduate from one of the Columbus Diocese’s 11 high schools with financial resources and support to help make an ODU education attainable.

Scholarship Details

The Columbus Catholic Promise Program will provide students who meet certain academic requirements and who are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant with a scholarship that, when combined with other financial resources, may completely cover their tuition* cost to attend Ohio Dominican.

*The Columbus Catholic Promise Program scholarship does not cover indirect costs such as books, health insurance (if not waived), room/meal plan, parking, and other miscellaneous costs. The program’s scholarship is available only during ODU’s traditional fall and spring semesters, and cannot be transferred to any other institution.
  • Program Requirements and Criteria

    To be eligible to participate in the Columbus Catholic Promise Program, students must:

    • Have graduated from a recognized Catholic Columbus Diocesan high school.
    • Be financially eligible for the Federal Pell Grant (calculated in the tuition structure will be standard Federal Stafford loan amounts).
    • Be accepted to ODU and file the FAFSA before June 1 of their high school graduating year.
    • Be enrolled at ODU full-time and attend the fall semester following their graduation from high school.
    • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA while enrolled at ODU.. 

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  • Ways Participants Can Connect with ODU

    Program participants will have numerous opportunities to connect with the Ohio Dominican community. Students will:

    • Participate in a high school to college transition day to build their engagement with each other and ODU.
    • Complete a minimum of 10 community service hours each semester.
    • Be encouraged to experience a service/immersion trip within the United States or abroad.
    • Attend ODU’s Weeks of Welcome events where students gain an awareness of the many opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community, as well as increase academic engagement within their major and build relationships with faculty members.
    • Be encouraged to attend mass and ODU Core presentations, which include connections to Catholic faith and social justice issues.
    • Be asked to assist in the Catholic Columbus Diocesan admissions recruiting events.

Have Questions? Contact Us!

Do you have questions about the Columbus Catholic Promise Program? We’re happy to help! Please contact us at admissions@ohiodominican.edu or 614-251-4500.