Helping Students Become Outstanding Teachers

The ODU Education faculty bring their passion, purpose and experience into the classroom to help today's students become outstanding teachers and the education leaders of tomorrow. Click on their names below to see their full bios and additional contact information.


Chang, Young-Mi Associate Professor Education (614) 251-4324
Conley, Matthew Associate Professor Education (614) 251-4328
Day, Kristall Associate Professor Education (614) 251-4622
Fishley, Katelyn Associate Professor Education - Intervention Specialist (614) 251-4768
Hohenbrink, JoAnn Director of Education/TESOL Graduate Programs, Coursework, PD Education (614) 251-4759
Mascazine, John Associate Professor Education (614) 253-3652
McCormack, Virginia Professor Education (614) 251-4766
Micek, Timothy Professor, Education; Coordinator, TESOL Education (614) 251-4675
Stauffer, Marlissa Associate Professor & Chair of Education Division Education (614) 251-4621
Zigler, Ted Assistant Professor Education (614) 251-4784
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