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  • Imali J Abala https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/staff/imali_abala.jpg?sfvrsn=4247b314_2 Professor English Erskine Hall, Room 230
    • Ph.D., Ohio State University
    • M.A., Ohio State University (English)
    • M.A., Ohio State University (African American & African Studies)
    • B.A., Wilmington College
    6142514636 View Full Bio
  • Kwadwo Amankwah https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/photounavailable.jpg?sfvrsn=38dba914_0 Lecturer of Accounting Accounting Sansbury Hall 262
    • M.S.A., University of Akron
    • M.P.H., Ohio State University
    • M.S., University of the West Indies, Mona
    • B.S. University of Ghana, Legon-Accra
    6142514581 View Full Bio
  • Anne Witzky https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/staff/witzky-a.jpg?sfvrsn=150cb514_2 Assistant Professor of Biology Mathematics, Computer & Natural Sciences Sansbury Hall Room 214
    • Ph.D., Molecular Genetics, The Ohio State University
    6142514571 View Full Bio
  • Martha Armstrong https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/photounavailable.jpg?sfvrsn=38dba914_0 Professor & Program Manager Social Work Erskine Hall, Room 229
    • Ph.D., Ohio State University
    • M.S.W., Boston College
    • B.A., Ohio Dominican College
    6142514631 View Full Bio
  • Chris Blubaugh https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/chris_blubaugh_odu.jpg?sfvrsn=80d4b514_0 Visiting Instructor of History History Sansbury Hall, Room 244
    • M.A., Bowling Green State University
    • B.A., Capital University
    6142514649 View Full Bio
  • Martin Brick https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/brick-m.jpg?sfvrsn=b847be14_0 Professor English Sansbury Hall, Room 270
    • Ph.D., Marquette University
    • M.A., University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
    • B.A., St. Norbert College
    6142514519 View Full Bio
  • Barry Brownstein https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/brownstein-b.jpg?sfvrsn=5546be14_0 Assistant Professor Physician Assistant Studies St. Albert Hall, Room 113
    • M.S., Marietta College
    • M.S., Wright State University
    • M.S., University of Michigan
    • B.S., University of Maryland, College Park
    6142514322 View Full Bio
  • Timothy Budnik https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/budnik0ae9c927b9fb6eadbdccff000036c69e.jpg?sfvrsn=4c12a714_0 Assistant Professor Physician Assistant Studies St. Albert Hall, Room 106
    • D.O., Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
    • B.S., Quincy College
    6142514332 View Full Bio
  • Ronald W Carstens https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/photounavailable.jpg?sfvrsn=38f9a914_2 Professor & Department Head Political Science Erskine Hall, Room 206
    • Ph.D., Miami University
    • M.A., Miami University 
    • B.A., St. Ambrose College
    6142514663 View Full Bio
  • Young-Mi Chang https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/changy.jpg?sfvrsn=ae51a914_4 Associate Professor Education Sansbury Hall, Room 127
    • Ph.D., Purdue University
    • M.A., Ball State University 
    • B.S., Yonsei University
    6142514324 View Full Bio
  • Matthew Conley https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/photounavailable.jpg?sfvrsn=38f9a914_2 Associate Professor Education Sansbury Hall, Room 126
    • Ph.D., The Ohio State University
    • M.A., The Ohio State University 
    • B.S., The Ohio State University
    6142514328 View Full Bio
  • James Cottrill https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people---new-folder/cottrill.jpg?sfvrsn=3852a314_2 Assistant Professor Mathematics Sansbury Hall, Room 230
    • Ph.D., Purdue University
    • B.A., University of Akron
    6142514696 View Full Bio
  • Kathleen Cummings https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/photounavailable.jpg?sfvrsn=38dba914_0 Lecturer in Sports Management Business Sansbury Hall Room 247
    • M.S. in Sports Administration, Eastern Kentucky University
    6142514573 View Full Bio
  • Anna Davis https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/davis-anna.jpg?sfvrsn=2d9bb314_2 Associate Professor & Department Head Mathematics Sansbury Hall, Room 212
    • Ph.D., University of Kentucky
    • M.S., University of Kentucky
    • B.S., College of Idaho
    6142514657 View Full Bio
  • Kristall J Day https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/kristall-day_2576ba41-f6d2-4117-8245-509943f93e9e.jpg?sfvrsn=c166bc14_4 Associate Professor of Education / Director of Assessment Education Sansbury Hall, Rm. 125
    • Ph.D., The Ohio State University
    • M.A., The Ohio State University
    • B.A., West Liberty University
    6142514622 View Full Bio
  • Anthony DeGenaro https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/degenero-anthony.jpg?sfvrsn=2a9bb314_2 Assistant Professor of English English Sansbury Hall, Room 201
    • Ph.D., Wayne State University
    • M.F.A., University of San Francisco
    • B.A., Otterbein University
    6142514739 View Full Bio
  • Michael V Dougherty https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/staff/dougherty.jpg?sfvrsn=610cb514_2 Professor & Sr. Ruth Caspar Chair in Philosophy Philosophy Sansbury Hall, Room 242
    • Ph.D., Marquette University
    • M.A., Catholic University of America
    • B.A., The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts
    6142514680 View Full Bio
  • Edward Lukco https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/staff/lukco-e.jpg?sfvrsn=20cb514_2 Faculty in Risk Management and Insurance Business Sansbury Hall Room 257
    • MBA, Ohio University
    6142514559 View Full Bio
  • Kenneth C Fah https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/fahk.jpg?sfvrsn=9111a714_2 Associate Professor & Chair of Business Division Economics Sansbury Hall, Room 259
    • Ph.D., University of Wyoming
    • M.S., University of Wyoming 
    • B.S., University of Wyoming
    6142514566 View Full Bio
  • Erin M Fenzel https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/photounavailable.jpg?sfvrsn=38f9a914_2 Assistant Professor & Clinical Coordinator Physician Assistant Studies St. Albert Hall, Room 214
    • M.S., Medical College of Ohio, Toledo
    • B.A., University of Mississippi
    6142514323 View Full Bio
  • Katelyn M Fishley https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/photounavailable.jpg?sfvrsn=38f9a914_2 Associate Professor & Department Head Education - Intervention Specialist Sansbury Hall, Room 124
    • Ph.D., Ohio State University
    • M.Ed., Ohio State University
    6142514768 View Full Bio
  • Jeremy Glazier https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/jeremy-glazier9277db27b9fb6eadbdccff000036c69e.jpg?sfvrsn=d48cb514_0 Professor of English English Wehrle Hall, Rm. 202
    • M.F.A., Columbia University
    • B.A., Wittenberg University
    6142514756 View Full Bio
  • Maria Gluys https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/gluys-m_web.jpg?sfvrsn=9adfbb14_2 Assistant Professor Physician Assistant Studies St. Albert Hall, Room 102
    • M.P.A.S., University of Nebraska, Medical Center
    • B.S., Butler University
    6142514318 View Full Bio
  • Sonya Goshe https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/sonya-goshe.jpg?sfvrsn=d7b2b214_0 Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Sansbury Hall Room 203
    • Ph.D., Criminology, Law & Society, University of California, Irvine
    • J.D., The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
    • M.Ed., School & Clinical Psychology, University of Virginia Curry School of Education
    6142514686 View Full Bio
  • John Grant https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/grant-john.jpg?sfvrsn=3f9bb314_2 Associate Professor & Department Head Business Sansbury Hall, Room 263
    • Ph.D., Arizona State University
    • M.B.A., Eastern Illinois University
    • B.S., Eastern Illinois University
    6142514745 View Full Bio
  • Sr. JoAnn Hohenbrink, O.P., Ph.D. https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/hohenbrinkj.jpg?sfvrsn=9050a914_4 Director of Education/TESOL Graduate Programs, Coursework, PD Education Sansbury Hall, Room 140
    • Ph.D., Ohio State University
    • M.Ed., University of Dayton
    • B.A., Ohio Dominican College
    6142514759 View Full Bio
  • Janette Knowles https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/janette-knowles.jpg?sfvrsn=dd84b914_2 Associate Professor, Department Head, Director of Wehrle Gallery Art Werhle Gallery
    • Ph.D., Ohio State University
    • M.A., Ohio State University
    • B.A., Kent State University
    6142514612 View Full Bio
  • Natalie Kompa https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/kompan.jpg?sfvrsn=4f57a914_4 Assistant Professor & Department Head Public Relations Sansbury Hall, Room 249
    • Ed.D., University of New England
    • M.B.A., Capital University
    • B.A., The Ohio State University
    6142514629 View Full Bio
  • Scott Kravitz https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/scottkravitz.jpg?sfvrsn=225bf14_0 Assistant Professor Physician Assistant Studies St. Albert Hall, Room 105
    • M.S., University of Nebraska, Lincoln
    • B.S., Ohio State University
    • A.S. Kettering College of Medical Arts
    6142514329 View Full Bio
  • Devin Laurent https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/staff/laurent.jpg?sfvrsn=710cb514_2 Assistant Professor of Exercise Science Math, Computer and Natural Sciences Sansbury Hall Room 216
    • Ph.D., The Ohio State University
    • M.A., Central Michigan University
    • B.S., Central Michigan University
    6142514387 View Full Bio
  • Dan Little https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/dan-little.jpg?sfvrsn=f784b914_2 Assistant Professor of Chemistry Chemistry Sansbury Hall 215
    • Ph.D., Chemistry, Michigan State University
    6142514366 View Full Bio
  • Alae Loukili https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/loukilia.jpg?sfvrsn=9e11a714_2 Associate Professor Computer Science Sansbury Hall, Room 229
    • D.Sc., Towson University
    • M.S., Towson University
    6142514659 View Full Bio
  • Leo H Madden https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/madden-leo.jpg?sfvrsn=c0d8b614_2 Associate Professor & Department Head Theology Wehrle Hall, Room 201
    • S.T.B., Pontifical Gregorian University 
    • S.S.L., Pontifical Biblical Institute 
    • S.T.D., Pontifical Gregorian University
    • B.S.F.S., Georgetown University
    6142514720 View Full Bio
  • John M Marazita https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/marazita-john.jpg?sfvrsn=d69bb314_2 Professor & Chair of Social & Behavioral Sciences Division Psychology Sansbury Hall, Room 208
    • Ph.D., Kent State University
    • M.A., Kent State University
    • B.A., University of Akron
    6142514687 View Full Bio
  • Christopher Martin https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/martin-christopher.jpg?sfvrsn=cf9bb314_2 Associate Professor of Chemistry Mathematics, Computer and Natural Science Sansbury Hall, Room 226
    • Ph.D., Chemistry, The Ohio State University
    • M.S., Chemistry, The Ohio State University
    • B.A., Chemistry, University of Kentucky

    6142514653 View Full Bio
  • John R Mascazine https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/john_mascazine.jpg?sfvrsn=5e45bb14_0 Associate Professor Education Sansbury Hall, Room 135
    • Ph.D., Ohio State University
    • M.A., Ohio State University 
    • B.S., Ohio Dominican College
    6142533652 View Full Bio
  • Lawrence Masek https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/masek-lawrence8060dd27b9fb6eadbdccff000036c69e.jpg?sfvrsn=c69bb314_2 Professor of Philosophy Philosophy Sansbury Hall, Room 240
    • Ph.D., Marquette University
    • M.A., Marquette University 
    • B.A., Boston College
    6142514455 View Full Bio
  • Blake Mathys https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people---new-folder/mathys.jpg?sfvrsn=3f52a314_2 Associate Professor & Department Head Environmental Science Sansbury Hall. Room 213
    • Ph.D., Rutgers University
    • B.S., Ohio Northern University
    6142514527 View Full Bio
  • Valerie Staton Matthews https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people---new-folder/matthews.jpg?sfvrsn=cb52a314_2 Professor Psychology & Biopsychology Sansbury Hall, Room 209
    • Ph.D., University of Georgia
    • M.S., University of Georgia
    • B.A., Bucknell University
    6142514685 View Full Bio
  • Virginia McCormack https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/virginia-mccormack.jpg?sfvrsn=d166bc14_2 Professor & Department Head Education - Middle Childhood Sansbury Hall, Room 134
    • Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
    • M.A., St. Joseph College
    • M.S., University of Dayton
    • B.S., St. Bonaventure
    6142514766 View Full Bio
  • Timothy A Micek https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people---new-folder/micek.jpg?sfvrsn=d252a314_2 Associate Professor & Director of TESOL Program Education Sansbury Hall, Room 133
    • D.A., Illinois State University
    • M.A., University of North Carolina
    • B.A., University of North Carolina
    6142514675 View Full Bio
  • Robert Parks https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/staff/parks-r.jpg?sfvrsn=6f0cb514_2 Assistant Professor of Theology Theology Wehrle Hall 205
    • PhD., University of Dayton
    • M.A., The Catholic University of America
    • B.A., Ohio Dominican University
    6142514781 View Full Bio
  • Matthew D Ponesse https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/photounavailable.jpg?sfvrsn=38f9a914_2 Associate Professor History Sansbury Hall, Room 243
    • Ph.D., University of Toronto
    • M.A., University of Toronto
    • B.A., University of Toronto
    6142514579 View Full Bio
  • Emily Post https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/emily-phillips.jpg?sfvrsn=735ab914_0 Assistant Professor of Exercise Science Natural Sciences Sansbury Hall, Rm. 224
    • Ph.D., The Ohio State University
    • M.S., University of Tennessee
    • B.S., Ohio Dominican University
    6142514633 View Full Bio
  • Cameron Powell https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people---new-folder/powellc.jpg?sfvrsn=d352a314_2 Assistant Professor & Program Director Physician Assistant Studies St. Albert Hall
    • M.S., University of Nebraska College of Medicine
    • B.S., Kettering College of Medical Arts
    6142514326 View Full Bio
  • Nicole D Powell https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/powellnicole.jpg?sfvrsn=8257a914_4 Assistant Professor & Academic Coordinator Physician Assistant Studies St. Albert Hall
    • Ph.D., Ohio State University
    • M.S., Youngstown State University
    • B.S., John Carroll University
    6142514325 View Full Bio
  • Arlene Ramkissoon https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/arlene-ramkissoon3797db27b9fb6eadbdccff000036c69e.jpg?sfvrsn=716cb514_0 Associate Professor of Business Business Sansbury 264
    • DBA, Nova Southeastern University
    • MS, Florida International University
    • BA, Florida International University
    6142514591 View Full Bio
  • Shonna Riedlinger https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/riedlingers.jpg?sfvrsn=e25ca614_0 Provost Academic Affairs St. Albert Hall, Room 210
    • M.MSc., Midwestern University
    • B.S., Bowling Green State University
    6142518988 View Full Bio
  • Douglas Ruml https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/ruml-d.jpg?sfvrsn=c946be14_0 Finance Program Director and Assistant Professor of Business Administration Finance Sansbury Hall, Room 258
    • D.B.A. (Finance), Northcentral University 
    • M.A., California State University
    • B.A., Ambassador University
    6144321729 View Full Bio
  • Jeremy Skrzypek https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/jeremy-skrzypek.jpg?sfvrsn=ce9bb314_2 Assistant Professor of Philosophy Philosophy Sansbury Hall, Room 241
    • Ph.D., Saint Louis University
    • M.A., University of Saskatchewan
    • B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo
    6142514363 View Full Bio
  • Stefanie Smith https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/photounavailable.jpg?sfvrsn=38dba914_0 Assistant Professor Physician Assistant Studies St. Albert Hall, Room 102
    • M.S. Physician Assistant Studies, Wayne State University
    6142514309 View Full Bio
  • Kelsey Squire https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/kelsey-squire.jpg?sfvrsn=e88cb514_0 Associate Professor English Sansbury Hall, Room 223
    • Ph.D., Marquette University
    • M.A., Marquette University
    • B.A., Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
    6142514287 View Full Bio
  • Marlissa Stauffer https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/stauffer-marlissa.jpg?sfvrsn=c1d8b614_2 Associate Professor & Chair of Education Division Education - Adolescence to Young Adult Sansbury Hall, Room 139
    • Ph.D., Indiana University
    • M.A., University of Southern Indiana
    • B.A., Indiana Wesleyan University
    6142514621 View Full Bio
  • Anjel Stough-Hunter https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/anjel-stough-hunter.jpg?sfvrsn=dc84b914_2 Associate Professor Sociology Sansbury Hall, Room 202
    • Ph.D., Ohio State University
    • M.Sc., University College London
    • B.S., Cedarville University
    6142514782 View Full Bio
  • Thomas Eveland https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/images/default-source/people/faculty/tom-eveland.jpg?sfvrsn=9e46b814_0 Director of Graduate Programs in Business Academic Affairs - Business Sansbury Hall 261
    • Ph.D., Ohio University
    • MBA, Keller Graduate School of Management
    • B.A., DeVry University
    6142514569 View Full Bio
  • Michael Weinstock https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/weinstockm.jpg?sfvrsn=f117a714_2 Assistant Professor & Medical Director Physician Assistant Studies Sansbury Hall, Room 228
    • M.D., Ohio State University
    • B.A., Northwestern University
    6142514320 View Full Bio
  • Allen Williams https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/williams-a_web.jpg?sfvrsn=6cdebb14_2 Instructor of English English Sansbury Hall, Room 264
    • M.A., Ohio Dominican University
    • M.A., Xavier University   
    • B.A., Marquette University
    6142514732 View Full Bio
  • Ronald E Zielke https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people/zielke-r.jpg?sfvrsn=fc46be14_0 Associate Professor & Chair of Mathematics, Computer & Natural Sciences Division Mathematics Sansbury Hall, Room 211
    • Ph.D., Ohio State University
    • M.A., Ohio State University 
    • B.S., Ohio State University
    6142514655 View Full Bio
  • Ted Zigler https://www.ohiodominican.edu/Media/people---new-folder/ziglerted.jpg?sfvrsn=e452a314_2 Visiting Assistant Professor Education Sansbury Hall, Room 131
    • Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
    • M.Ed., University of Toledo
    • B.Ed., University of Toledo
    6142514784 View Full Bio